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The brewery, which is part of the Jelínkova vila hotel, was built and put into operation in 2004. We thus continued the centuries-old tradition of brewing beer in Velké Meziříčí. With a maximum production of 4,000 hectolitres of beer per year, we are classified as a microbrewery.

We named our Harrach beer after one of the owners of the local chateau and brew it using the traditional handcrafted method and the honest Czech way of "brewhouse - taproom - cellar". We have already been awarded many times for it, among others with the Czech Beer Seal or the Microbrewery of the Year award.

We offer light beers (purely malt taste, slightly to strongly bitter, without any caramel flavour), dark beers (sweetish, caramel, hop-bitter taste) and also special beers (fuller and stronger taste).

Taste Harrach beer

In the brewery we brew exclusively beers of the Czech type, which are famous through their impressive nature, characterised by natural saturation with carbon dioxide, honey colour, fine aroma, rich foam formation and fullness (known as bread fullness) of flavour.

All of our beers are unfiltered and non-pasteurised, free of any additions of stabilisers and other non-natural substances.

You can also buy various gifts from our brewery (for purchase at the reception).

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Pivo Harrach z minipivovaru Jelínkova vila

Good food goes with beer

In Jelínkova vila, we cook great food in addition to award-winning beer.

You can try, for example, a number of fish specialties made from fresh freshwater fish, various delicacies to go with beer and wine (fish crackers, brewery toast, steak tartare, etc.), but also classic Czech cuisine, including excellent desserts.

All this in the original environment of the old mill.

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