Would you like to sit in a pleasant restaurant in which you enjoy for its original interior, and especially for its excellent cuisine and good beer?

The restaurant in the style of an old mill with a traditional brewery based on manual work is then opened just for you in the hotel Jelínkova vila.

Besides our own beer "Harrach" we will offer you high-quality Moravian wine and especially our excellent cuisine focused on delicatessen made from fresh freshwater fish, as well as roasted pork spare ribs and knees, lamb and other wide choices of various specialities.

The restaurant is air conditioned with a capacity of 55 places and the lounge offers sitting for another 38 guests.

Opening hours of our restaurant:







For reservation please call: +420 566 502 200.

What can you taste


Our food and drink menu

The main focus of the restaurant is on specialities made of only fresh fish from fresh water. For all the year round we are able to offer you a wide choice of up to eleven types of fish, such as carp, trout, pikeperch, catfish, pickerel, eel, silver carp, grass carp, bass, maraena and tench.

For those who prefer other specialities we can offer roasted pork knees or spare ribs, roasted lamb, goose in the Old Bohemian art and the other wide range of chicken, pork or beef meals.

For those who would like to eat only a little we prepare delicacies to beer and wine, or ice cream cups or desserts.

A good meal goes hand in hand with good drinks, for drinking we offer our own beer "Harrach" and high-quality wines from the Strážnice region.

Our Beer Harrach

Advantages of our restaurant

  • We always prepare fish specialties only from fresh meat: We keep live fish in running water in the basement of the building.
  • In season, you can choose from up to 11 types of fresh fish.
  • The restaurant is air-conditioned.
  • The capacity of our fish restaurant is 55 seats. The lounge offers seating for another 35 guests.
  • If you decide to stay longer, we will be happy to accommodate you in our hotel.
  • In addition to the restaurant and hotel, we offer many other services, such as training facilities.