Our beer Harrach

Harrach – Coffee lager

Bottom fermented dark lager with a touch of real coffee.

Coffee Lager –beer of deep amber colour, brown creamy head with coffee taste. You will find medium full body of rich coffee and medium bitterness in its taste. The character of the beer is complemented by a balanced medium vigour.
This is the only lager from Jelínkova Vila Brewery which is not brewed from the beginning, but it is a mixture of dark lager, coffee and coffee products.

Try Coffee Lager, Czech beer with the touch of exotic lands, homeland of coffee....

The way we can see stretches of fields with golden barley and green hops in our country, the same way we can be charmed by the view of white blooming coffea with bright red beans in equatorial countries.
As important is the work of malt men when malt kilning, the same importance has the work of people roasting coffee.
The position beer has won among beverages, the same stable and unshakable is the position of coffee.
Maybe that is why we have developed Coffee Lager in our brewery. It is beer with base in colour malt, which is as dark as beans of roasted Arabica. We add Arabica products into this distinct dark lager.

Harrach - Coffee lager beer
type of beer:
dark lager with a coffee
beer style:
bottom-fermented dark beer with a coffee
water, pilsner malt, bavarian malt,
caramel malt, colored malt, 
coffee extract, instant coffee,
hop extract,
hop "sladek", hop "zatecky polorany cervenak",
kvasnice V 96
Where to find us
Velké Meziříčí
Třebíčská 342/10
near the highway D1

Commuting time 5 minutes from exit 141 and 146.






Pěkný interiér, nezakouřené prostředí, příjemná obsluha, chutné jídlo a čisté záchody. Výborné místní pivo Harrach

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