Our beer Harrach

Harrach - APA - American pale ale special

Top fermented pale special - Ale

American Pale Ale is an American style beer coming from a traditional British pale ale style but with the use of American hops.
Colour of this special is amber yellow, it has citrusy and pine aroma, and we can taste a distinct spicy bitterness and fruit tones.

APA – frequently used abbreviation for American Pale Ale.


2012   2nd place  - Beer festival Padochov - category Top fermented beers - public jury

Harrach - APA  American Pale Ale
type of beer:
top-fermented ligt special
beer style:
water, pilsner malt, bavarian malt
colored malt, hop extract,
gr. hop amarelo, gr. hop cascade,
yeast US 05
Where to find us
Velké Meziříčí
Třebíčská 342/10
near the highway D1

Commuting time 5 minutes from exit 141 and 146.






Pěkný interiér, nezakouřené prostředí, příjemná obsluha, chutné jídlo a čisté záchody. Výborné místní pivo Harrach

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