Our beer Harrach

Harrach - Wheat Beer

Top fermented wheat lager - weizen.

Wheat beer Harrach is typical for its light, almost yellowy ochre colour, high satiety and rich head. It also has a specific aroma with the scent of yeast, mild acidity and many different fruit scents.

Wheat beers have a long history in this region, and it can be said that in a certain period, wheat beer was as common as barley malt beer. In 15 – 17th century wheat beers dominated in Bohemia. The reason is probably because wheat beers were mainly top fermented, which is done at higher temperatures which better corresponds with seasons in this region. Possible reason for wheat beer decline was a higher price of wheat malt.

We recommend serving wheat beer with a slice of lemon.


2011   1st place - Beer festival Padochov - category Top-fermented beers - weizen. - public jury

Harrach - Wheaten beer
type of beer:
light lager
beer style:
water, pilsner malt, bavarian malt
hop extract,
hop "sladek", hop "zatecky polorany cervenak",
yeast VB-06
Where to find us
Velké Meziříčí
Třebíčská 342/10
near the highway D1

Commuting time 5 minutes from exit 141 and 146.






Pěkný interiér, nezakouřené prostředí, příjemná obsluha, chutné jídlo a čisté záchody. Výborné místní pivo Harrach

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