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Accomodation packages

Relaxing massages

Relaxing massage for loosening the back and neck. Our masseuse will happily comply your individual needs and agree on massaging concrete parts of your body.

Price: 790,- CZK/ hour.

Brewing massage - WE RECOMMEND

Our beer brewery fills the whole building of Jelinkova vila with a tender malt aroma of brewed beer. Indulge in releasing in a wrap from a hot wort during a relaxing massage of your back and neck. The beer wort will enrich your body of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. It also has a favorably influence on a rheumatic problems, skin problems and a dry skins.
We can also prepare a face mask from the liquid brewing yeast for you. It consists of an antistress vitamin B, a number of trace elements and they are a source of minerals. They strenghten the imunity, reduce stress and they have an excellent effect on skin diceases (psoriasis, eczema, oily scin - acne).

Price: 790,- CZK / hour.

Traditional Thai convent massage

Removes the pain and stiffnes of the joints, reduces energetical blokades in the body and encourages the physical balance. One starts to feel relaxed and full of energy. It is a 2500 years old massage mobilizing the deffence forces of the body, which is based on a principles of Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist Practices.
For this massage it is suitable to wear a comfortable indoor or sports clothes.

Price: 790,- CZK/ hour.

Experience massage - a yogurt massage

The yogurt massage detoxifies, nourishes, and regenerates your skin. The skin restores strenght and flexibility, is soft and supple. First class natural yogurt is used for this massage. The 15 to 20 minutes wrap followes after, when the client is relaxing, getting rid of stress and the skin can further regenerate.
This is very suitable for a dry and sensitive skin and especially in a summer period after an excessive sunbathing.

Price: 890,-CZK / hour.

Experience massage - a chocolate massage

The chocolate therapy is an exceptional remedy against a winter depression, stress and a tantrum, it leaves the skin soft and nourished, wrapped in the sweet scent of chocolate. You will feel the scent of the chocolate the whole day.

Price: 890,- CZK/ hour.


Where to find us
Velké Meziříčí
Třebíčská 342/10
near the highway D1

Commuting time 5 minutes from exit 141 and 146.






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