Beer Harrach

In the brewery we brew exclusively beers of the Czech type, light and dark beers with extract of almost 12° and special light beer with extract of almost 14°. These beers are famous through their impressive nature, characterised by natural saturation with carbon dioxide, honey colour, fine aroma, rich foam formation and fullness (known as bread fullness) of flavour. Lagers brewed in our brewery are rich in natural vitamin B which is present, in a large extent in the bottom fermentation yeast which causes slight beer sludge.

The beer maturation time in our brewery is as long as 70 days. All of our beers are unfiltered and non-pasteurised, free of any additions of stabilisers and other non-natural substances.

Our beers:

Light beers – purely malt taste, slightly to strongly bitter, without any caramel flavour
Dark beers – sweetish, caramel, hop-bitter taste
Special beers – fuller and stronger taste


Harrach – Pale Lager

pivo1Bottom fermented Czech lager.

Harrach Pale Lager – a basic pillar of Jelínkova Vila Brewery, offered since 2004, when the brewery was set up.

Traditional Czech Pale Lager stands out for its golden and brown colour, pleasant malt aroma, balanced malt hop taste and stronger bitterness.
According to brewery regulars, this is a beer with a delicate taste which quenches the thirst.

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Harrach - Dark lager

pivo2Bottom fermented Czech dark lager.

Harrach Dark Lager, as well as its pale fellow, is on offer since 2004, when the brewery was set up.

Traditional Czech Dark Lager stands out for its fine caramel and coffee aroma. In the medium full taste, a distinct ingredient of caramel malt is blended with hop bitterness which is very well balanced and it highlights the overall character of this non-sweet dark lager.

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Harrach - Festive lager beer

Bottom fermented Czech lager.

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Harrach - Traditional special beer

pivo3Harrach Traditional Special was, for four years, among beer basis in Jelínkova Vila brewery. Nowadays, it is amongst a solid base of beer specials and it takes turns on the 3rd and 4th tap place and in the brewery offer.

This beer is characteristic for its dark copper and golden colour, rich creamy head and sweet malt aroma. Medium vigour, thick, balanced body and bread taste with a slightly bitter fade out makes Traditional Special ideal for autumn, winter and spring months.

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Harrach – Honey special

Special pale lager with a touch of pure honey.

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Harrach - APA - American pale ale special

Top fermented pale special - Ale

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Harrach – Smoked special

Bottom-fermented light lager beer from smoked malt.

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Harrach – Vienna special

Bottom fermented pale special from a Vienna malt.

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Harrach - Christmas special beer

Special bottom fermented semi-dark beer.

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Harrach - Wheat Beer

Top fermented wheat lager - weizen.

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Harrach – Coffee lager

Bottom fermented dark lager with a touch of real coffee.

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Where to find us
Velké Meziříčí
Třebíčská 342/10
near the highway D1

Commuting time 5 minutes from exit 141 and 146.






Pěkný interiér, nezakouřené prostředí, příjemná obsluha, chutné jídlo a čisté záchody. Výborné místní pivo Harrach

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